10% off your dog's first appointment for a full dog groom.

Solihull Dog Grooming Services is based on Monkspath, Solihull. Our specially designed dog grooming room has been equipped to accommodate small to giant breeds.

At all times every consideration is made to ensure your dog is comfortable, for every full groom each dog has a minimum of 2 breaks to allow access to a bowl of water and a garden break.

Dogs are like us humans – there are some things they like and others they don't. Therefore, we tailor the service around what makes your dog most comfortable. So, if Charlie the Deerhound likes her pads trimmed while lying on the floor, that's what we do. Or, if Poppy the Golden Retriever prefers to be dried on the grooming table whilst lying down, we do that too – although she has to stand up to have her tummy dried! So let’s talk about your dog and what we can do for you both . . . . . .

Our Services

Full Dog Groom

Interim Groom
Includes a brush, bath, dry, a trim of the face and feet

Includes a clipping and scissoring to your specifications

Nail Clipping

Ear Plucking and Cleaning

Anal Glands


Small Dogs

Medium Dogs

Shih Tzu
from £25:00 E.g.
Cocker Poo
Tibetan Terrier
Cocker Spaniel
from £30.00

Large Dogs

Giant Breeds

Rough Collie
from £35:00 E.g
Great Dane
Irish Wolfhound
Individually priced


Claw Clipping £6.00 Anal Glands £8.00
Short haired dogs such as Labradors or Greyhounds from £25:00

Please allow 5-10 minutes at the beginning of every appointment for a consultation regarding your dog's health and to confirm your exact requirements.

Quoted prices are for a well maintained coat

Please note that extra time dematting is priced at £15.00 per hour

As part of our Puppy Program we offer 10% off the breed cost for every appointment until 12 months old.

A dog collection and return service is available however a charge may be payable.

Health and safety is at the heart of what we do: your dog is in safe hands at all times!